Monday, January 7, 2013

Decorating for January

I've said for years that January is my least favorite month of the calendar.  Let's look at the fact that it is 31 days long.  It is in the dead of winter so it's cold and the daylight hours are still short.  You just get done with all the lights and excitement of Christmas and New Years and don't have anything fun to look forward to until Valentines Day.  So I am putting a stop to the dole drums of January and embracing the warm thoughts of snowy days and warm wintry nights.  I am decorating the house for January!!!

That's right... why should my house look bare just because the Christmas Tree and Ornaments are all back in their boxes?  Why can't lights and greenery still stay on my mantel? Pine Cones don't shout Christmas... they shout winter, so our house is decorated like a winter wonderland.  With snowflakes and snowmen and greenery throughout the house.  Come take a peak inside.

The entryways in between rooms has an evergreen garland with lights and a small snowflake shaped metallic wired garland running throughout and then blue, white and silver snowflake ornaments scattered about.
And the mantle has an evergreen garland with snowmen figurines and candles placed around.
Now, January do your worst, because our house is warm and cozy and I have more plans in store for this month.

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