Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to make snowy tea lights from wine glasses

I've been going all out on my Christmas decorating this year for MacchiOTTo's first Christmas.  I've been pulling everything out of my Christmas storage boxes and finding places around my home to display lights, garland, candles, you name it, we got it setting out somewhere.  And, while I will share pictures of it all with you later, today I'm showing off these homemade tea lights I made from wine glasses (with a little glitter and salt) to give a soft snowy feel to my mantle.
When I started to think about this idea, I wanted to use what I had to make this.  We have several wine glasses from different food and wine events we attend that have maybe a logo etched into the wine glass.  So to help hide the logo I started by spraying the glasses with gold glitter paint.  I used a spray glitter I found at the craft store.

Next I used a hot glue gun and applied glue to the wine glass and then sprinkled Epsom salt on top of the glue.
I did different designs with spirals or jagged edges.  You can be creative and make different designs.  Then I sprayed a modge podge shellac over the salt to try to keep them from falling off.  (I don't know how much of a difference this made in keeping the salt on, but thought it was worth a try.)
Lastly I placed tea lights inside and lit them to give my mantle that warm and snowy feel around my evergreen garland.

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Lana Wallpe said...

LOVE this idea! I would just kill for the time I need to be creative again. I have a Dec. 20 deadline for three projects, and I am praying I make it. Each day seems to be filled with surprises and places for me to be. Glad you are finding time to crafty!

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