Wednesday, November 7, 2012

kitchen towel angels

With the holidays coming up you know their will be lots of parties to attend. I'm adamant about giving hostess gifts to those who open up their homes and show off their hospitality. Whether its a bottle of wine, candle or food item, hostess gifts are a great way to show appreciation for your host time and efforts in entertaining. One simple yet practical gift that can always be used are kitchen towels, dish cloth, hot pads, etc. Here is an easy way to make an angel from a towel, dish cloth and hot pad as a cute way to present your gift to your hosts.
To start with I ironed the towel and dish cloth so they were perfectly flat, then I folded the towel length-wise, like a fan.
Then I ironed the folded towel to hold the crimp in the towel.  This will serve as the dress part of the angel.  I then did the same with the dish cloth.
Next, I fold the towel in half.
I tied a ribbon around the towel about 1 1/2 inches from the top of the fold.  (You will want the piece of ribbon to be long because you use it to tie the other pieces as well.) This creates the head of the angel.  Next I placed the dish towel about an inch below that and tied it to the towel with the same piece of ribbon.   You will want to make sure the printed side of the towel and dish cloth face the same direction.
I then took the hot pad and gathered it in the center with a twisty.
Then I tied the hot pad above the dish cloth.
Lastly, I tied a bow on the front side of the towel.  Now you can slip your angel down into a gift bag and when the party invites come rolling in you can grab your gift and head out the door.


Lana Wallpe said...

How cute and practical! I like it when the kitchen towels and cloths coordinate :-)

Marisa said...

What a great idea! I just pinned it. Thanks, for the inspiration.