Monday, June 11, 2012

my flower baskets for this year

So what I've learned this past month is that having a baby takes a lot of time. And things like gardening and yard work end up taking a back seat.  In fact I never realized how much time Ott, E and I used to spend out in the yard, until this spring when we've been out there very little.  Needless to say I'm running behind on planting the garden and flowers, so I just did a couple of flower baskets real quick the other day to set around the porch and patio.  Now the real challenge is going to be finding the time to water them in between bottles and diapers.

I was very excited to find this black and gold striped petunias.  I think the variety is called phantom. 

Then I put together a basket of these daisy's.

Lastly, the porch railing basket by our front door I did in pink's and white.  I love the raspberry colored Supertunia's on the end.  And I know the impatients will do great here since it's shady for half the day.
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  1. WOW! Those petunias are very unique! I've never seen them before!

  2. I love those raspberry petunias - gorgeous!

  3. Hi--I wondered why I hadn't seen you around the Garden Party lately--now I know! Congratulations on your little one! I love the black and gold petunias--I've never seen them before. And the gerbera daisies and impatients all just shout out "It's summer!" Very cheerful.

  4. adoring all of your baskets! popping over to say hello from An Oregon Cottage's garden party! oxxo, tracie


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