Monday, May 21, 2012

New Baby Hospital Visitor Favors

So when you are an organized person and like to have things ready well in advanced, having a baby two days after your due date leaves some time for you to stew and look for additional projects you can do to keep yourself occupied.  One of the things I made in the last days of my pregnancy was favors for people who came to visit our baby in the hospital.  Now I know just having the baby and letting people come see and hold it was enough, but like I said I was 2 days overdue and looking for something to keep my mind busy.  So I decided to make labels for a candy wrapper with our baby's stats as the nutritional information. 
Not knowing the gender of our baby, I was looking for a candy that said baby but wasn't pink or blue.  I settled on sugar babies candy as the wrapper was yellow and baby was in the title.

I then measured the length and width of the candy wrapper and made a label using microsoft word to imitate what the Nutrition Facts table looks like but renamed it "Baby Facts".  I also used a piece of clip art of a bar code to ensure the label looked as real as possible.  I then left the number area of the label blank so we could hand write in the weight, length etc.
Lastly, I added the line; "thanks for visiting our sweet baby" and listed the Candy Makers as my husband and I and the name of the City and State the baby was born in.   It made for a cute memento to give guests who stopped by to visit the baby and they had all the important information about the baby on the candy wrapper so they could tell others all the details.

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Kim said...

Those are adorable! Hope you are getting along well with your new little one!