Saturday, May 19, 2012

How I take care of Leftovers: A ChicWrap Review

"What I like a Latte' today" is this awesome plastic wrap dispenser from ChicWrap.  With being a new mom, I've been fortunate to have people stop by with dinners and desserts for Ott, E and I to eat during this time of adjustment to having a new baby in the house.  This ChicWrap dispenser has come in handy when wrapping up leftovers to place in the fridge to be eaten another day. 
Now, I know we've all had our momemts where we struggle with plastic wrap.  Either we can't find the end, or we can't get it cut and it ends up sticking to itself and is a big hassle.  Well after testintg out this ChicWrap dispenser I have to admit, it makes working with plastic wrap much more enjoyable.

Firstly, I love the sunflower design as it matches my kitchen theme perfectly.  But if you're not into sunflowers don't worry, they have lots of other designs to choose from to match your personality and style. 
The Chic Wrap dispenser holds any variety of plastic wrap you buy in the store and it just makes storage and use of that plastic wrap fashionable and practical
Here's why it's so easy to use: each container comes with a zip safe slide cutter which makes cutting the plastic wrap a breeze. No more struggling with the cheap cutter on the side of the box that you buy in the store. This cutter cuts straight and clean each time,every time. And the remaining plastic sticks to the bar for your next use, so you don't have to work to find the end of the plastic wrap the next time you want to use it.

If you are interested in seeing more of the designs of the ChicWrap Dispenser or learning more about this product please visit their website or check them out on facebook.  And if you like them on facebook you will be entered into a drawing where they give away one ChicWrap Dispenser a month!  What a deal!
Please note ChicWrap did send me this product to review but all photos and opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

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