Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winner of January's Iron Chef Challenge: King's Hawaiian Bread

And the winner of January's King’s Hawaiian Bread Iron Chef Challenge is........

Beyer Beware
The guest judge: Courtney Taira, granddaughter of King’s Hawaiian founder Robert Taira, fondly remembers learning about the family bakery business as early as age six. As a current student of The International Culinary School in Santa Monica, Calif., she combined her culinary education with her lifetime of experience and love for King’s Hawaiian to judge January’s Iron Chef Challenge. Courtney selected Beyer Beware’s Philly Cheesesteak Sliders as the winner based on the amount of effort put into the recipe as well as the detailed instructions and helpful photos provided. Overall, Courtney was impressed with the creator’s ability to use common ingredients in a pleasantly different way. The finished sliders are perfect for sharing with ohana (family) which is a cornerstone of Aloha Spirit – the expression of mutual hospitality, kindness, and generosity, by which King’s Hawaiian does business.

Congrats to Leah from Beyer Beware as she will be receiving this beautiful gift basket from King's Hawaiian Bread.
And thanks again to King's Hawaiian Bread for sponsoring this contest.  Be sure to check them out on facebook and twitter (@KingsHawaiian).

And don't forget to check back later this month (February 17th) when our challenge will feature Duck from our sponsor Maple Leaf Farms.  Duck is not always a commonly used meat in most kitchens, but that's what makes this contest a challenge.  And, if you are interested in participating in this contest and would like a coupon to purchase duck please e-mail me at alattewithotta(at)gmail(dot)com


Unknown said...

Congrats Leah!!!!!

Leah Beyer said...

And wouldn't you know, I came home from the grocery store with two more packages of dinner rolls. Sammies are in our future! Love King's Hawaiian Bread.