Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dressing the Bump

As I continue on in "Pregnancy Week" on this blog; I would be re missed if I didn't talk about clothes. At 9 weeks my pants were getting tight. By 11 weeks I was down to only two pairs of pants that fit. So I headed off to do some maternity clothes shopping. And I gotta admit.... it was a little hard. The few stores that carried clothes only had 2 or 3 racks to select from and for me that was not nearly enough. I went to Old Navy, Target, Gap, Macy's, H&M and Destination Maternity; and between those stores I was able to find some of the basics to get me started. I'm trying to keep wearing as many tops as I already had as possible for as long as I can, but even those are starting to get reduced.

Here I am at 18 weeks and you can see my baby bump is showing.

This top and pants I got at Destination Maternity.  I like the detail around the neck and the sides of the shirt are gathered which should come in handy as my belly continues to grow.  The slacks are black with a slight gray plaid to them.  And as winter keeps approaching I can wear a black cardigan or shrug to keep warm.
Next up I'm showing off an outfit I bought at H&M.  This is a gray sweater dress with a pair of black leggings.  (The black turtleneck I already had.)  The great thing about this sweater dress is that there is a belt that can be tied in front to show off the bump or later on tied in back.
I have also bought a couple of ballet flats as I thought they might be easier to wear than heals, and as snow and ice start to accumulate this winter probably safer to be walking around in.  With this outfit I wore a pair of silver flats to compliment the gray sweater.
I really like the detail in the knit around the neck and base of the sweater.  I wore some silver jewelry as an accessory to the outfit and was all set.
So what tips do you have for maternity clothes shopping?  What stores did you go to?  And did the clothes you bought last all 9 months or did you have to buy bigger sizes later???

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Lana said...

Looks like you are getting some solid basics to build a wardrobe that will grow with you until the thaw of spring.

ann said...

Well you got a start!

Jill said...

Oooo I love the sweater dress! I didn't know H&M had a maternity section. A friend of mine (who is currently past her due date) told me dresses and tunics will save your life throughout your pregnancy. :)

Anonymous said...

Ummm? How did I miss this?? First off CONGRATS! (I'm with ya, but I'll be at 30 weeks tomorrow) Cute clothes! I HATE maternity pants. I can't keep them up to save my life! And forget about working outside in them. . . I mostly just wear my overalls if I'm outside or even when I'm just working around the house. I was never a leggings fan, but they're my new best friend. ;}

KatiePerk said...

I missed this too! Congratulations! Love that red top. Your maternity wardrobe is 1000 times cuter than mine!

Jocelyn said...

Somehow I missed the big announcement too!!! Congratulations!!! You look adorable!!!

Ginny said...

You look very cute! I suggest jeans from Motherhood Maternity...they have some really cute styles that fit great and have just enough stretch!

Lisa said...

I bought mostly at ON, Gap & Target. I didn't really like the quality and fit at Destination Maternity. I also found a few things at thrift stores that were lucky finds. I just hated that there was so little to pick from and I was waiting for the day they would put out new stuff.

My tips after just going through this are not to buy everything right away. I was so excited for new clothes, but some of them got too small at the end. Also, the low rise band pants feel better and fit better at the beginning but those are the ones that get way too tight at the end. The full band pants were loose at the beginning, but they fit until the end.

April said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're off to a good start, it seems-love that red shirt. I am 6 months along and, as you saw, I can still wear non-maternity empire waist stuff and cardigans (I don't usually button them though)-and I'm a good size, so I wouldn't worry too much about getting too big if I were you-looks like you were not too big to begin with (in a good way!)

For a while, I wore my normal jeans with a pregnancy band (I got it at Target) When I was around 18 weeks,my normal pants wouldn't button but maternity pants were too big. So, the band helped. But,it's a little annoying too because it shifts when you sit down. My favorite maternity jeans are from Motherhood Mat. (probably the same ones as Destination Mat.)-they were the cheaper ones I think called "Indigo Blue" and they ARE the high waisted ones, but they are the only ones that do not fall down on me. The other annoying problem I had is that I'm short and barely anyone makes short maternity pants, so I have to roll up the bottoms.

I have found that for me, maternity khakis and dress pants actually stay up better than jeans. I wonder if it's because the material is not as heavy?

marissa said...

you are so cute, I am in love with those slacks I'd love you to link this up to my what we wore party over at

Mo 'Betta said...

what a cute little bump! so many bloggers are expecting right now! Congrats!