Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Iron Chef Challenge Winners Recap

This month will conclude our year of monthly Iron Chef Challenges, and today I am showcasing the winners one more time as tomorrow they will bake-off against each other to determine who is the 2011 Iron Chef Blogger.  Each blogger will be given the same Taste of Home Recipe to make; then they will need to create something else with that product.  Taste of Home has graciously agreed to be the sponsor and judge for this Champions Edition and the winning blogger will receive a Taste of Home Baking Cookbook.

But before we get to that match-up I thought we would start with recapping the winners who will be battling it out for the 2011 Iron Chef.  Each month we have had some challenging ingredients for bloggers to cook with and each month they have risen to the challenge and come up with recipes to please their families, as well as the judges, and won some fabulous prizes along the way.  So without further ado; here are your monthly winning recipes and bloggers.

Theme: Duck
Sponsor: Maple Leaf Farms
Winner: Girlichef
Recipe:Lazy Girl's Cassoulet

Theme: Lamb
Sponsor: American Lamb Board
Winner: My Merry Cooking

Theme: Canned Tomatoes
Sponsor: Red Gold
Winner: From Mess Hall to Bistro
Recipe: Fiesta Bake 

Theme: Baking Powder
Sponsor: Clabber Girl
Winner: Pinay in Texas

Theme: Ham
Sponsor: Dakin Farms
Winner: Cook with Sara

Theme: Milk
Sponsor: Dean Foods
Winner: A Gal in the Middle
Recipe: Dirt Pudding

Theme: Flour
Sponsor: King Author Flour
Winner: Wag n'Tails

Theme: Yeast
Sponsor: Red Star Yeast
Winner:  Create with Joy

Theme: Artichokes
Sponsor: Ocean Mist Farms
Winner: 3 Kids & Lots of Pigs

Theme: Turkey
Sponsor: National Turkey Federation
Winner: 3 Kids & Lots of Pigs
Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what these bloggers create for the Iron Chef Challenge Bake-Off!  And big thanks to Taste of Home for being our sponsor!!!!


Heather @ girlichef.com said...

Wow, this year really flew by! Thanks so much for hosting this fun event all year long. I'm proud to be included in the list of winners =)

PinayinTexas said...

Winning in your Iron Chef Challenge is one of the best things that happened to me when I was just starting my blog. :)
I really appreciate the effort you put into it! You're just such an amazing host! Thank you!