Monday, November 21, 2011

bird seed ornaments for a winter bird garden

I was feeling crafty the other day and made these bird seed ornaments to place in my bird garden in the back yard during the winter months.  I thought they might be a cute addition to my bird feeders for the winter months and continue to draw birds into my backyard to watch this winter.  And I pretty much used supplies I had around the house to make a suet type of mixture for my birdseed.  Even the pine cones came from my back yard.
I started with a 1/2 cup of lard and placed it in an empty soup can.  
Next I added 1/2 cup of peanut butter.
I heated a pan of water on the stove and placed my soup can with my ingredients inside and allowed this to cook until it melted completely.

Next I dipped the pine cones into my suet mixture.  (I used an ove glove to hold on to the can as it was hot.)
Then I rolled my pine cone in birdseed.  (Different types of birdseed attract different birds; this was a mixture of cracked corn and other ingredients which should attract blue jays, cardinals and robins.)
I then allowed the bird seed pine cones to set up for about a day before I moved them again.  The next day I drilled a small hole into the stem of the pine cone.  (I used my husbands power drill for this with the smallest drill bit.)
Then I attached an ornament hook through the hole and made a hanger for the pine cone.
After that my pine cones were ready to be hung on the tree for the birds.  I have also thought about stinging some popcorn and hanging that up for the birds to eat as well.  And figured it would make a nice little decoration for my winter bird garden.
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ann said...

Clever Idea. May try that

life just saying said...

I found you blog from The Answer is Chocolate blog. I was lured over by a recipe you made to celebrate your 2nd anniversary. the blog, and as an almost neighbor (Louisville) just had to follow!

Dacey said...

This is different way of decorating your garden and i think there should be some unique ideas for decorating your garden