Friday, October 14, 2011

My new Ravioli Maker

I've blogged before about my obsession with my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Pasta Attachment and my new found abilities for making Ravioli.  Well Ott, E bought me this Ravioli Maker tray from Super Target so I decided to try it out.  I made my pasta and used the lasagna noodle attachment to flatten out my dough.
Then I draped one piece of dough over this tray with the holes for stuffing the ravioli.  (I found out the hard way that it works best if you spray the tray with some cooking oil.)  Then I gently push the dough down into each hole.
Next I spooned my stuffing into each hole and because the holes were deep I could stuff some extra into each one.

Next I dipped my finger in water and went around the edges of each ravioli.  (This will help the dough seal together.)  Then I put a 2nd flat piece of dough on top.  I then took the other part of my ravioli maker and pressed down.  The reverse side has indentations to press the dough together and form the ravioli into uniform squares with lines on where to cut the dough.
Next I took a knife and cut on the lines to separate the ravioli.
Then I pulled them out one at a time and placed them on a wire rack to dry.
Overall it still took about the same amount of time to make the ravioli using this tray vs. when I just did it by hand.  But my ravioli are all uniform and I will say having the tray with the holes in it allowed me to stuff a lot more filling into my ravioli.  This also made for a more even amount of both pasta and filling.  Ott, E liked the addition filling as well.  So I was pleased with my new kitchen gadget and am already searching for new ravioli recipes.


A Modern Hippie said...

How fun! I have always wanted to get a pasta attachment for my Kitchen Aid so I can make my own pasta. You have inspired me to put it on my wish list! I found you through Pinterest. Love your blog! I am now following you through Networked blogs.

teresa said...

Very cool! I've never thought to make my own ravioli.

Miranda said...

So good! I made ravioli using my new molds a few weeks ago - actually, I'll be posting it today! I got mine from Amazon (super cheap) and it works very well. Your rav turned out great though. BTW, it has been a while that I branched outside of my reader and actually come to your site - I must say, it looks FABULOUS!! LOVE the new look.

Miranda said...

Here is the post with the ravioli press:

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