Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Montana Vacation: Yellowstone National Park

Come on in and grab a coffee because I have to tell you all about our vacation this past week.  Ott, E and I went to Montana for our summer vacation.  If you'll recall last summer we went to Alaska, and Ott, E assured me that Montana was a closer version of Alaska so off we went to see Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park.  We flew into Bozeman, Montana and rented a car and drove to Yellowstone.  (Actually the majority of the Park is in Wyoming, but we stayed the right outside the north entrance in Gardiner, Montana.)  It was about an hour and a half drive through rugged terrain.  But once we got there I was not disappointed. Yellowstone was a beautiful and diverse National Park (2.2 million acres) which I will show off through pictures for the next couple of days.  Today I'm showing off pictures of the landscape inside Yellowstone.

Below is a picture of a glacial boulder.  These are really large rocks the glaciers left behind and are scattered throughout the park.

Below is a picture of Lake Yellowstone with snow capped mountains in the back ground.

Above is a picture of "sheepeaters cliff".  This was a unique rock structure we saw.
This is the first part of the pictures I have to share.  Later this week I will show off pictures of the Wildlife and Wildflowers we saw along with Geysers like Old Faithful.  So be sure to stop back by for more!

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Katie @Pinke Post said...

Love your Montana pics! We visit Montana every winter for skiing and it's just as beautiful in the summer. Bozeman is a great little city. Can't wait to see more pics!

Rachel @ The Lazy Christian said...

Gorgeous! My husband can't wait to take a family trip out west. Yellowstone will probably be our first destination!

Ali said...

Gorgeous pics. I'm moving home to Montana in a month and I'm so excited :)

ann said...

Went out several years ago and want to go back. We were in Wy. Maybe someday

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful....jealous jealous jealous....:)

BigD said...

I think Yellowstone is a popular destination this year! We were there in early June.
You're now the fourth other person I know who traveled there this summer!
I hope you had warmer temps than we did--a couple of the roads were still closed for snow when we were there.

A Feast for the Eyes said...

My husband and I have booked one week at our Worldmark Timeshare in West Yellowstone. We are going June 2012, and we are both very excited! This will be our first time here, so I look forward to your photos.

Meg Issacs said...

Hi! I am a new follower via the blog hop! I would love for you to follow
me back and become bloggy friends! Have a lovely day,


A Meg Moment

teresa said...

I love the photos! Montana is a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing. Check out the photos I posted on my blog from my recent vacation to Canada's East Coast.