Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Montana Vacation: Glacier National Park

So by mid-week of our week in Montana we hit the road and drove from the West Yellowstone to Glacier National Park which is actually an International Park as it is located on the Canadian border.  It was about a 400 mile trip and along the way we saw lots of ranches and some Antelope.  We also saw some wheat, barley, hay and potato fields and I must say agriculture looks beautiful with the rocky mountains as a backdrop.

 Once inside Glacier National Park we got pictures of the beautiful Lake McDonald.  The color of this lake was a pretty teal color that photos just don't quite capture.
 Below are more views from inside GNP.
 If you missed the previous days of our trip you can find those pictures here.


Lana said...

NO harrowing stories about driving on the "Going to the Sun" highway? My heart was in my throat when we would be on the outside lane and see an RV coming at us. BEAUTIFUL place! You put together a great trip!

Elsie said...

We were there 3 years ago. Beautiful place! Lovely pictures. =)

Bob Kinford said...

It is indeed beautiful, but can get a bit chilly in the winter. I worked cattle for the Double T Ranch bordering Glacier on the west end of the ranch, and Canada on the north. The only two seasons up there are Tourist and Froze Up....

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