Friday, August 19, 2011

Ott, E's Winning Photographs

We were very excited to find out that Ott, E's had two winning photograph's in this year's Indiana State Department of Agriculture Photo Contest. 
2nd Place Conservation - Wild Sunflower
The first is called "Wild Sunflower" as you can see there were growing as weeds along the edge of a cornfield.  This picture was 2nd place in the Conservation catergory.

3rd Place Faces of Agriculture - What Are You Looking At?
 The other picture is called "What are ewe looking at?" and was taken during lambing season at my grandparents farm.  This picture was 3rd place in the Faces of Agriculture catergory.

Ott, E was recognized for his talents at a ceremony at the state fair this past week with the other winners.  Ott, E is pictured below on the far left.  (That's the Lt. Governor of Indiana in the center wearing red.)  All the winning pictures are on display in the Normandy Barn at the State Fair for the rest of the week, then will hang in the office of the State Department of Ag for the rest of the year.
If you are interest you can view the other winning photographs on ISDA's website.


Leontien said...

Ohhh Congrats!!!

The pictures are very lovely!

I really like the one with the flowers and the sky!


BARBIE said...

I love the pictures. Congratulations to Ott E on his award!

This Farm Family's Life said...


Lana said...

How wonderful! LOVE his pics! Congrats to Ott, E. and his flare for having a great eye to his surroundings!

ann said...

I love the pictures. Really like the sky and the yellow sunflowers great colors

teresa said...

Congrats to Ott, E. I love the photos!

Vicky said...

Congratulations! What an accomplishment! I really love the first one. The backdrop of the sky is just perfect.

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