Monday, August 29, 2011

An Indiana Themed Meal for your Dinner Party

As you know I love to entertain, and go out of my way make great food when company comes over.  So I was racking my brains the other night for some meal ideas for guest we were having over for dinner.  The guests were not from Indiana so I thought, why not show them an Indiana themed meal showcasing food eaten traditionally in the Hoosier state. And what better to feature than Ott, E and my's favorite breaded pork tenderloin?!?!
Ott, E worked out a recipe to fix this famed Hoosier sandwich.
While I'm not going to reveal the recipe he used I will share some of his techniques.  He pounded the meat flat and then marinaded the meat all day.  Then he breaded the meat with a recipe he worked out on their own.
Then he fried them up in a pan.
After frying he drained them on a paper towel.
Then I served the sandwhich with muskmelon since Indiana raises a lot of muskmelon in the southern part of the state; and of course some corn on the cob since it's in season.
And for dessert I fixed them the state pie of Indiana; a Sugar Cream Pie.  Our guests and never had either the breaded tenderloin or the sugar cream pie and enjoyed eating both of them. And our course Ott, E and I enjoyed eating these as well.
So the next time you have company consider serving some food for your area to show off local flavors and traditions.


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luv ur idea for ur guests!

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Tenderloin and sweet corn can't beat that and then sugar cream pie. It looked great

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