Thursday, July 21, 2011

Celery Harvest

Celery! Every Relish Tray has it featured, right next to the carrots. Kids eat it covered in peanut butter. Adults eat it as a healthy snack. But do you ever think about where celery grows or how it is harvested. Ott, E did some research on celery while he was working in Michigan a couple of years ago. These pictures were taken back then and when I came across them I knew I had to share them with all of you here on the blog.

In the state of Michigan Celery is started out by seed in a greenhouse and then is transplanted into the field starting in May.  It is continuously planted for the next month or so, this way harvesting can take place in July through early September.  Celery grows in Michigan in a muck (high organic matter) soil.
As you can see in these pictures the tires on these tractors are built for handling the soil.
As you can see in the photo below, the celery is harvested by a machine that cuts the plant off right at the soil level.  As the plant moves up the conveyor belt the tops of the leaves are cut off as well.  From there the celery moves along another conveyor belt where it is dumped into a wagon, which is pulled by another tractor, which is taken to a refrigerated warehouse quickly after harvest.  From there it is packaged and shipped all over.
Who knew something as simple as celery could be so fascinating to grow and harvest.


judi @ farmnwife said...

Does the farmer own the harvest machinery or is it contracted out? Around here the specialty crops are harvested by company who buys it as part of the contract.

Angela said...

Don't forget- it is also a great side for buffalo wings:) Great pictures.

This Farm Family's Life said...

Very interesting. I have never seen how celery is harvested.

ann said...

Never thought about the way they harvest celery. Good story.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

This is really interesting. We grow oil seed rape, barley and wheat on our farm which is harvested during the summer. I never really knew much about celery. Thanks for this informative post.

CJ xx

Lana said...

That is one veggie my family has never grown, at least to my recollection!

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