Monday, May 23, 2011

My adventures in yard work

One thing you have probably figured out by now is that I do not mind getting a little dirt underneath my fingernails.  I enjoy doing yardwork and gardening, heck I even enjoy mowing the yard.  Now most times Ott, E mows the yard at our house, but this one time last summer he was gone for a stretch of time and I decided to hop on the mower and do it myself.
In fact I even have a signature style as my way to mow the yard..... I mow it diagonally.  My brother even commented one time at my yard and said, "Oh you're one of those people who mow there yard in patterns."   

But back to my story about mowing the yard......

I got the riding lawn mower out of the shed and started mowing.  I did about two swipes in the front yard and for some reason the mower died.  I thought that was odd, but I remember Ott, E telling me this happened last time, but he had been on it for quite a while and just let it cool off for a while and then when he got back on it started right up and he finished.  We thought it might have gotten overheated and chalked it up to that.  So I waited an hour came back to start it up.... and.... nothing.....
I flipped up the lid and checked the gas...Full.
I check the oil... Full.
I checked the air filter... pretty clean.
I checked the battery... fully charged.
I cleaned dirt/grass clippings off the blades and mower deck. 
Everything I could think of to check I did and it still wouldn't start.
By now it's starting to get dark so I pushed the mower into the shed.  (Mind you my yard has one small area that's been mowed while the rest is still not.)  But the next day I thought I would try it again.  I put the key in, turned it on and it started right up.  So I started mowing again.  Another two swipes in the yard and wouldn't you know it.... it dies again.  Ugh!

Well by now I'm mad.  The lawnmower was new and still under warranty.  I went into the house and pulled out my paperwork from Sears and called the number listed.  I had the receipt, I had the model number, warranty number and rattled those all off the person on the other end of the line.  They were able to pull up all my information and after I explained what was wrong and everything that I have checked so I knew it wasn't something silly and the customer service representative said..... they wanted me to troubleshoot a few things for them.

Troubleshoot?!?!?!  I said to the lady: "look here, I have checked everything and you need to send someone out here to look at it and fix it, because it is still under warranty."  The person on the other end explained that they had to know more of what the problem was before they would send somebody out.  At this point I'm still thinking this is ridiculous, but I went along with it.

The customer service Representative asked me to locate the gas tank.  I flipped up the lid and mentioned to the rep that yes I have a full tank of gas and the gas cap is screwed on tightly.  Then the rep says, "the gas cap should be loose so air can flow through the gas line to the engine."  In my mind I'm thinking this is crazy, every gas cap on any thing I've ever used I have always put on tightly.  But I loosened the gas cap and then I turned the key and it started right up.

I couldn't believe it.  Something so simple had caused me so much trouble.  I thanked the service rep. hung up the phone and finished mowing the yard.  whew!  What a relief.    

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Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! Who would've thought to check that??

Nancy said...

The dreaded vapor lock. Happens all the time. You can just tell your hubby you figured it out all by yourself! :)

Lana said...

Who knew? Dang machines!

Leontien said...

oh wow! i would have had the same problem! I always srew anything real real thight!

Well good thing it was an "easy" fix!

Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

haha, I would have never thought about that at all!!