Monday, May 30, 2011

Morning in my Garden

This morning was beautiful outside with 72 degrees of sun shine. As I walked out to my garden the dew was still on the grass and plants in our garden so I snapped a few pics to give an update on our garden.
I love this picture of our Kohlrabi as you can see the little drops of dew hanging off each point on the leaves.
 Above is spinach which I plan on making a salad with for lunch.  Below is our first potato bloom.  This means the tuber initiation is occurring beneath the surface.

 Above are Green Bean plants and below is a zucchini plant.
Above is an eggplant and below are rows of green beans in the sunlight.
 Above are rows of potato plants and below is one of my volunteer sunflowers.

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Lana said...

Sigh....mine are still in seed packages and flats! Is it too late for my garden? It's too wet right now!

LV said...

Since I grew on a farm, call me when your garden is ready. I would love to help you harvest it.

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Your garden looks absolutely healthy and wonderful--well done! I am very slow this year getting things in the ground, due to very wet and unseasonably cold weather, as well as some recovery from surgery, but I carry on as I can! Right now I have potatoes coming up, peas that are about 6 inches tall, and some lettuce that we're eating, along with baby swiss chard, arugula, and some baby beet greens.

Melynda said...

Great garden!

Lexa said...

Your garden looks just great. My favorite picture is the one of the green beans with the morning sun glowing ornage on them. I am excited to see what your volunteer sunflower turns out to be. I had one last year and it turned out to be almost 15 feet tall!

Meadowsweet Cottage said...

Hopefully we'll soon be able to plant the warm season veggies! Right now the peas, lettuce and spinach are very happy with our cool springtime. Brrrr.

Denise said...

Your garden is looking great. We already have zucchinis here, and it's so hot already too!
Come say hi

muddytoes said...

Everything looks great, especially the kohlrabi!

Beth said...

What a beautiful garden! I'm now hungry for a spinach and strawberry salad for lunch!

Shannan said...

Wow! Impressed by the variety of plants that you have growing! Here in Oregon we still can only grow salad greens - my peas haven't even bloomed yet :)