Friday, May 27, 2011

Frangos and Shoes.... it's like heaven

This past weekend Ott, E and I were in Chicago, but we each arrived at different times. You see Ott, E was out in California for work that week so he few into O'Hare.  I was at home that week and drove to Michigan City, Indiana and then took the train from there to downtown Chicago. My train got in at 11:30 while his flight landed at 12:00 and then he took a taxi to our hotel downtown.

Well, you can do the math and realize this leaves me time to go..... shopping!!!
And when you are downtown Chicago where else would you go to shop but Macy's in the old Marshall Field's Building on State Street. (Here's a tip if you ever stay in downtown Chicago; Ask your hotels Concierge if they have any discounts for shopping at department stores downtown. I've stayed downtown twice in the past 6 months and both times they gave me shopping passes for Macy's for 10% off your purchases all weekend.)
My first stop at Marshall Field's is always the basement. Why the basement? Because that's where the Frango Mints are!!  Although they sell Frango's in lots of flavors I love the original Mint Chocolates. (They are like little Chocolate drops from heaven.)
Next stop it's up to the 7th floor. Why the 7th floor? Because that's where the Walnut Room is. The Walnut Room is a restaurant in Marshall Fields which holds some family nostalgia of mine. You see my Great, Great Grandmother lived in Chicago and would go to the Walnut Room for lunch each day to meet with friends and catch up on all the latest news. So I always like to stop by and take a look around whenever I'm in town.
Lastly, I take the escalators down to the 4th floor. Why the 4th floor? Because that's where the shoes are!!! While I was looking at the shoes I found this really cute pair of flip flops with a big colorful rhinestone bug on them. I had just found a sales clerk to get the shoes in my size when my cell phone rang..... it was Ott, E.  I said hello and he told me he was in a cab and on his way to the hotel. While he was talking I was covering the cell phone with one hand and asking the shoe sales clerk if they had these shoes in brown. Apparently Ott, E could somewhat hear my conversation and asked if I was shopping. I quickly took my hand off the cell phone and changed the subject by asking how his flight was.  He went on to tell me about it as the sales clerk came back with the brown flip flops I had requested only they were in the wrong size. I again cover the phone and told the clerk what my size was.  Again Ott, E must have heard me and this time he asked, "Are you shoe shopping?" Not quite wanting to fess up to the fact that I was out spending his money I again changed the subject by asking; "Have you had lunch yet?"  He said he ate something at the airport and at that same time the sales clerk handed me a box of shoes in the correct size and color. This time I could answer "Great!" to both of them. I slipped the shoes out of the box and onto my feet as Ott, E told me he should be arriving at the hotel in 20 minutes and that I should meet him in the lobby with the room key since I had already checked in. At this point I was somewhat mesmorized by my new shoes and respond back to him by saying "That will work out great...Marshall Fields is only two blocks from our hotel." .............silence
"I knew you were out shoe shopping." he says. ........................
Busted!..........................But I did get a pair of really cute shoes and met Ott, E at the hotel on time.


ann said...

You know there is a saying that goes You know the one with the most shoes wins. Sound like you are the winner!!!

Lana said...

I am looking for a picture of these shoes! Did they survive the trip home? said...

Looks like a good trip! Thanks for the coupon tip!

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Heather @ 3 kids and lots of pigs said...

Love it!!!!!