Monday, February 14, 2011

my shoe & boOTT obsession

It's no secret if you know me. 

It's wouldn't even come as a surprise if you saw me walking down the street.

My husband, family and friends have all learned to live with it.

So today on my blog I share with you; my dear readers, about..... my..... obsession. 

My obsession....... with shoes!!!!!!!

You see..... I love shoes.  When I'm in a shoe store it's just me and the shoes.  I am in a zone.  A trance really.  I don't hear other things.  I don't see other things.  My mind has one thought and one thought only........ if I bought these shoes..... what would I wear with them?

While I'm being completely honest I should admit that I have been know to buy a pair of shoes and then go buy an outfit to wear with them.  (That's right I will carry the shoes, in a bag, around with me in the mall to find a blouse or skirt that matches them.)

I love my shoes and have a story behind most of them.  You see those pink pumps in the picture above?  I went to the store three times drooling over looking at them.   When I bought them I ended up buying a purse and suit to match. 

Then there's the story about the purple shoes in the picture above. The ones in the upper left corner with the sparkles on just the toe. I had a lovely purple dress and another pair of plain purple shoes to wear with it. That was until I saw those purple shoes sitting on the rack at Macy's. When I saw those beautiful purple shoes I felt sorry for them. They were just sitting there.  Looking lonely.  And I realized, I could give those shoes a good home. I could wear those shoes with a purple dress. I could show those purple shoes a great night out on the town. So of course I had to buy them.

I like shoes with a pointy toe and shoes with a round toe.  I like stilettos and wedge heels, sling backs and peep toes.  You see the cream colored shoe with the brown round toe and little brown bow in the lower right corner of the picture above.  Those were the shoes I wore on my wedding day and they have a long story that will one day get it's own blog post.
I've been known to buy shoes for special occasions.  Those gold peep toe shoes on the left of the picture above.  These shoes have a sling back with a narrow heel.  When Ott, E graduated from Purdue with his Masters degree I bought these gold shoes to wear with a cute gold top and black skirt.  (For those of you who don't know Purdue's colors are black and gold so I wanted to be festive and give the Golden Girl a run for her money.... it's a Purdue thing.... you wouldn't understand.)  Anyway, I purposely parked close to the hall the graduation ceremony would take place in because these shoes (as cute as they were) were not the most comfortable things to wear.  What I didn't plan for was after the ceremony...we walked around campus taking pictures and going to receptions.  These cute shoes were cutting into my toes and heels and giving me horrible blisters.  (Yes sometime I do experience pain for my shoes.)

I like shoes that are every color of the rainbow. It just gives me all the more clothing options.

I like shoes with some bling.
And shoes with some bows.  I even like shoes with flowers.
Now you may be wondering where are the boots, the flip flops, the scandals?  Well I can only pull so many shoes out of my closet at a time.  So soon I will do posts on those as well.


Splendiferous Girls said...

Love this post...I LOVE SHOES TOO!!! I am your newest follower..via monday blog hop.Have a wonderful Valentines Day..


Laura said...

love it! :)

Lana said...

I need to show my husbands these pictures. He thinks I'm nuts because I have like six pairs of shoes! UGH! ;-)

Lana said...

HEY! Congrats on your 400th follower!

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

new follower!

I LOVE this post! You have some cute shoes here!


ann said...

You know the Gal with the most shoes win!!!

Ginny said...

that is a great shoe collection!!!

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Heaven... I'm in heaven! You have lovely shoes! And you take lovely photos of your shoes! I love this post! More shoes, more shoes.... can you hear me chanting?

BigD said...

If I didn't have such a hard-to-find size, I'd have way, way, way more shoes than I do.
And, honestly, I have too many already!
I think I'm border-line hoarder.

The Chick said...

Wow that's quite a collection! My obsession is teapots and tea cups, oh and British royal family stuff, oh and dragonflies and butterflies LOL! I am a new follower from Tuesday Blog Trail and I love your blog! Feel free to stop by and say hi at

Anonymous said...

Howdy! I LOVE boots too, any kind - western, rubber, short, TALL, haha. The Husband and my brother-in-law are also fellow Boilermakers (I'm a Pomeroy, but a Boilermaker at heart)!

Meant to be Mom said...

Holy Crap! You do have a lot of shoes! Great Post! I am a shoe fan as well, but I think you have me beat on this a landslide. I love your taste!

Heather @ 3 kids and lots of pigs said...

I love shoes too and can't wait to hear all about your wedding shoes!!!!

Jane @ Going Jane said...

Too funny! Love the rainbow of colors! :) I'm def not a shoe hound! :)