Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a lOTT more recipes to encourage and inspire you to try lamb in your own kitchen

If you're a regular reader of this blog you know I cook with lamb a lot. In fact I even own a bumper sticker that says, "Try Lamb; 50,000 coyotes can't be wrong."

So in today's post I am going to list all the lamb recipes I have shared in one place to help encourage or inspire you to consider cooking lamb for yourself.  These are for all kinds of cuts of lamb, not just chops even though that is what this months Iron Chef Challenge themed ingredient is.  I think you will find lamb to be quite tasty and can be used for special occasions or just your average family dinner around the table. It will make a nice new addition to your dinner plan selection. Just make sure you check the label while you purchase lamb in the store to ensure it is fresh American Lamb.  I think you will find all of my recipes easy and delish and I've posted some great tips for cooking all these as well.  Enjoy!!!

Honey Cumin Lamb Steaks

Shepherds Pie - Great for your St. Patricks Day Feast

Rosemary Apple Lamb Chops  - Nice fall dinner for your crock pot

"South of 70, North of 40" Lamb burger - Great for those summer cook outs.

Terriyaki Lamb Chops  - Probably my favorite lamb chop recipe of all

Leg of Lamb Steaks

Mediterranean Lamb Steaks -Very versatile, you can either grill it, bake it, or throw it in the crock pot.

And for even more inspiration be sure to check out the lamb chop recipes on this months Iron Chef Challenge linky party, sponsored by the American Lamb Board.  The winning recipe will receive 6 servings of fresh American Lamb Chops. 


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