Wednesday, February 16, 2011

lamb lOTTery


It's February!
Do you know what that means on my family's farm?????
It's Lambing Season!

I wait all year for this. If you'll recall last fall we put the ram in with the ewes, and here we are 5 months later with baby lambs on the ground. I'll share lots more about our baby lamb crop later this spring, so stay tuned!

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Saucy B said...

oh how cute! I love animals too.

Lisa said...

Looking forward to seeing pics of the babies! I LOVE baby animals!

Donnie said...

Lovely photo. New life and such pretty wool coming on.

Carol said...

Lots of work for you. My niece has sheep and goats at her farm.

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Wow I did not know that lambs mate this time of year...interesting!

I just found your blog through one of the Wednesday blog hops! Have a great week.

Amanda @

ann said...

Sure do love to see all baby animals. the are so precious

April said...

Hi! I’m your newest follower. Please stop by and follow back when you have a chance. You can also add your blog to our Blog Hop! Hope you are having a Sweet Week.

Jennifer said...

How exciting and so cute!

Buttons said...

I love lambs they are so cute. Good luck I am in calving season. B

Nancy K. said...

Oh MY! Lambs in February. You must have a warm barn! :-) My spoiled, little Shetlands don't even think about lambing until the end of April...I like them on fresh grass when those new babies come!

Where can I find more photos of your sheep?

thecrazysheeplady said...

Wheeeee! We are a few weeks yet away from lambing around here. I didn't breed any ewes, but a friend borrowed a ram lamb from me this past fall, so I'll *sort of* be a grandma. And of course probably pick up a bottle lamb somewhere ;-).

~ Janis said...

Baby season is better than Christmas!!
Almost calving season here as soon as some of these glaciers melt in Vermont!
Photos of snow and cows:
I have recently been looking at Tunis sheep. I would like to buy 2 bred ewes. Anyone know of the pros and cons of this breed, from personal experience, that they could share with me?
Also, can someone give me directons on how to Link specific words to a website like she did in her posting..? (This post was linked to: Outdoor Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday etc,etc)


Verde Farm said...

I am so happy you linked up for FF Friday today. How exciting to have babies coming now. What a great way to perk up the winter months. I would be so excited. Keep us posted--love seeing all the baby lambies :)
Hugs, Amy

Krista said...

Lambing season! We raised sheep on our farm when I was growing up. I remember bundling up for late night trips out to the barn and that comforting albeit musty smell of the cozy barn as we searched for laboring mommas and new babies on those frigid February nights.

Great pictures!

Tiffanee said...

How cute! I can't wait to see the rest!! Best wishes!!

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