Thursday, October 21, 2010

a yOTTa FFAers in town this week

In case you didn't know it, this week the National FFA Convention was taking place in Indianapolis.  And, there are a yotta of FFA'ers in town (over 50,000).  (a Yotta is a one septillion or 10 to the 24th.)  Which has added a yotta work to my plate this week.  But I'm not complaining as I have had to opportunity to spend some time volunteering for the convention and have been able to interact with some of these future Ag Leaders. 
On Tuesday I attended the opening luncheon and then was able to listen to an FFA teams from the state of Washington prepare for their Ag. Issues event. On Wednesday, I helped with the career show which brings in all kinds of agri-businesses and colleges with displays on what they do or make.  And Thursday and Friday my office hosted tours for FFA'ers to come and learn how policy and legislation affect agriculture.

I enjoy talking with current FFA'ers now and hearing about what all they have accomplished in FFA and what they are planning to do career wise in the future.  They usually ask if I was in FFA and I always answer; "Yes I was in FFA for 3 years while in high school and was on my schools livestock judging team." 

While the above statement is correct, judging livestock was not the only reason I was in FFA. 

I wish I could say I was in it for the leadership opportunities.  Or the resume builder of an extra curricular activity.  Shoot, I wish it was because of the community service projects a lot of the chapters take on.  Or the chance to educate younger students about farming and agriculture through barnyard petting zoos and classroom visits. 
No, No..... the real reason I was in FFA, back in the day, was for the ................. cute farmboys.

It's true I enjoyed judging livestock, but back then I was a sucker for guys in boots and blue corduroy jackets.  Ironically, when the cute farmboys found out I judged livestock better than them................... they didn't think I was so cute anymore.  Nonetheless, I stuck it out and took my team to state my Senior year. 

Now before you roll your eyes and brush me off remember this; when it was all said and done I did ended up marrying one of those cute FFA farmboys 10 years later when I married Ott, E.  Granted he was in FFA in Wisconsin while I was in Indiana and we didn't meet till college, and we didn't start dating till we were out of college.  But whose to say, blue corduroy jacket and livestock judging weren't meant to be.   


Hannah said...

You're not alone! I was also in the FFA...not for the cute boys, but for skipping whatever science class I was in and with 5 others, replacing it with our own 'ffa class.' Well, my soon to be boyfriend (who I ended up marrying!) joined along and talked/memorized a speech about dirt just so he could hang out and talk with me and go on ffa trips.
Good times!

Cris @ Goodeness Gracious said...

I just love a good farm love story ;)

Lana said...

The one guy that I never should have seriously dated was NOT a farm boy. Should have been my first clue!

Thanks for helping out with the FFA kiddos. We LOVE our blue jackets up here in Benton County!

Jane @ Going Jane said...

Gotta love the ntl blue & corn gold. I always LOVED going to ntl convention...of course that was back in the KC days. :)

Melanie said...

Following you from Friendly Friday Hop
Would love a visit at when you get a chance...
Happy Friday

ann said...

Thanks for helping never thought about all the people it would take to pull off this convention

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