Wednesday, May 5, 2010

globetrOTTing in Brazil

I had a feeling that picture would get your attention.  My husband Ott, E travels a lot for his work (which is research for an Agri-Chemical Company) normally he stays in the US however this past March he had a great opportunity to travel to Brazil, to see glyphosate resistant weeds in their crops (this means certain weeds are stronger than the herbicides used to control them on crops such as soybeans).  After 12 hours on a plane he landed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before flying for another hour to the city of Iguacu. While there he was able to tour this amazing waterfall (pictured above) called Foz do Iguacu Falls near the Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina borders.

But after one day of sightseeing it was off to work on a bus tour.  From Iguacu, Ott, E. toured soybean fields.  Due to the climate in Brazil they are able to get in 2 crops a year.  Brazillian farmers were planting corn while he was there and finishing up harvesting soybeans.  As you can see in the picture below their soil is red and is in the Oxisol Soil order (for those Soil Scientist out there).

Later in the week he was able to tour a sugar cane field and toured Coamo Co-Op in southern Brazil where Co-Op agronomist discussed herbicide resistant weeds.

The next day they toured the Embrapa soybean research facility; (pictured below) where they developed tropical soybean varieties and continue to do research on soybeans.

By the end of the week he had eaten several meals of Brazillian BBQ, drank several cups of really strong Brazillian coffee and was ready to come back to the US.  After 13 hours on planes and another 10 hours in airports he was safely back in Indiana and back to looking at weeds growing on a Miami Silt Loam. (hey, gotta keep the Soil Scientist happy.)


Cris Goode said...

Totally impressed with your soil knowledge!

Katie said...

How cool! I have a cousin who is a researcher for Syngenta and my best friend's dad is also a scientist there (in Mpls.) Our former neighbor was quoted in this NYTimes article about round-up resistant weeds. (He's the Iowa State professor.)

daniii♥ said...

I love that first picture - beautiful view!!

(visiting from nff)

Smart Money Mom said...

Beautiful picture...yes it got my attention! You have a cute blog! Stopping by from NFF at TGC and am now following you!

Lilli said...

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