Saturday, April 24, 2010

Conversation goes better with Coffee

I admit it very openly; I'm addicted to Coffee! No morning of mine can commence without the rich, bold flavor of a steaming hot cup of joe. And as my husband will attest, you do not want to be around me before that first cup. (That's probably why; he is now trained to make it each morning in my red coffee post pictured below.) Perhaps it's the taste; perhaps it's the buzz from the caffeine, or the alertness I feel after drinking it. Regardless I can't go a day with out.

Now where did this obsession with the caffeinated morning beverage come from? Well there’s always the option of blaming my parents. They too are coffee drinkers and sometime, when I was say... Jr. High age, they would offer to give me coffee on the weekends. Granted it usually consisted of more cream than coffee, but it made me feel like I fit right in at the breakfast table with them.

Then there were the college years. The late nights, the hetic studying, and two crazy roommates lead to many a midnight mocha run. Back then I could down a cafe' mocha and a half hour later fall asleep if need be. After college, going into the working world meant drinking the coffee in the morning to get me off on the right foot to start my day. And now-a-days I can't make it through the afternoon without another one. Around 2:30 the mid afternoon doll drums start to set in, and I tend to frequent the local Starbucks. Let me specify; I tend to go there and order Tall, Non-fat Carmel Macchiato.

But the other great reason I love coffee is the conversations you can have while drinking it. Whether its reading and discussing the morning newspaper during that first cup of the day with my husband, or running across the street to Starbucks with a co-worker for an afternoon pick-me-up and a quick catch up on the latest gossip; regardless the coffee is there and so is the conversation. That's why I titled this blog "a latte' with Ott, A" so I could write and share all those stories, ideas, tips and advise like you would with a friend over coffee.


Cris Goode said...

Lookin' forward to the convo...but can I drink Diet Coke instead? ;)

AlarmClockWars said...

I hear you on the coffee obsession. I started to get all vibratey after a full pot in the mornings, so I switched to half-caff (which i would have scoffed at in the past). When I make my own concoction at home, it is actually pretty good(e)!