Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I think she likes the lambs

I have to admit.... I was a little nervous taking MacchiOTTo out to the barn to see the lambs.  If you'll recall last fall we joked that instead of building a fence to keep the sheep in we would need a fence to keep her out.  Well the months passed by, winter came and went and we hadn't been up to visit the sheep for quite a while and I just didn't know quite how she would take to the ewes and lambs in the barn.  For some kids the barn can be dark with scary shadows.  It may smell different and the sounds of the sheep bawling may be intimidating.  So I took her out to the barn a bit apprehensively because I wanted this to be a positive experience for her.  

I dressed her warm in her pink bib overalls, a winter coat, mittens and hat and pink boots.  We walked out to the barn on a crisp March morning and when I opened the door to the barn, little MacchiOTTo walked right in.  And, right on up to the sheep pen where she pointed and said "Lamby." "Sheepy." "Baaaa." She walked up to every pen and tried to reach inside to pet them all.  It didn't matter if the ewes stomped their feet at her or if the lambs ran in the other direction she was happy to see them and determined to pet them. At one point she found the latch to a gate and was trying to open it so she could get in with them.

Monday, April 7, 2014

GoodNites start with good night routines

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites®.
This is the 2nd post in a series on GoodNites(R) Bed Mats, as I'm happy to be partnering with them regarding their products and information for bedtime routines.  
At our house bed time is a regular rountine that we have down pat.  Every night we follow a tight schedule of events that takes place in a systematic order that everyone knows.  We like organization and structure in this house, so bed time is no different and I think for our child; by know what comes next it helps to ensure a relaxing end to the day and sets her up for a good nights sleep.

We start at our designated time each night and get a quick bedtime snack and a drink of water.  Then it's off to the bathroom to take a bath.  After drying off we get in our jammies, brush our teeth and hair and pick out our bedtime story.  After reading our story we turn off the light, crawl into bed and say Good Night.  And our little one knows what comes next at each stage of the process because right after her book is done she points at the light and says, "Turn Light."  And after she gets under the covers she always says "Good Night."  And, we never hear a peep out of her after that, as she goes right to sleep.  

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Better Nights Sweepstakes

Tracking Pixel This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites®.
This will be a 2 part series I'll be blogging about GoodNites(R) Bed Mats and the success you can have to make them apart of your goodnight routine to ensure a peaceful nights sleep.  I'm happy to be partnering with them to tell you how easier they can make your mornings and provide you with worry free clean up. And, to share with you some information about a giveaway and twitter party.  Did you know that 1 out of every 9 kids wets the bed?!?!  And, that GoodNites(R) was voted the 2013 Product of the Year for their simple and easy to use night time proteciton?!?!  But before I get to all that, let me tell you about the Better Nights Sweepstakes that GoodNites(R) is hosting and how you can win!  

GoodNites(R) is giving away a 3 month supply of Bed Mats and a series of gift cards totaling $5,000 to reward the winner's child with a complete bedroom set. Simply go to GoodNites(R) Facebook page to enter and to view the official rules.  

Monday, March 17, 2014

4 Crock Pot Recipes, a Cookbook Review & a Giveaway

If you've been following along the past two weeks, then you'd know my oven broke and we've been eating out of our crock pot.  But as fate would have it; Gooseberry Patch sent me a copy of their new Slow Cooker Cookbook to review, so the timing couldn't have been better.  We've been trying out lots of the recipes in this book and now I can give away a copy to one of my readers!!! 
101 Super Easy Slow Cooker Recipes has main entrees, side dishes and desserts.  One thing I really like about this cookbook is that each recipe has a picture right next to it.  The spiral binding makes it easy to open and lay flat on your cabinet.  And, I must say all the recipes look quite tasty.  Another unique feature is that the recipes are broken into chapters by how long they take to cook.  Example: the first chapter is recipes that are 1 to 6 hours and the second chapter is 6 to 8 hours and so forth.
So before we get to our giveaway lets recap some of the recipes I made.  Please feel free to click on the links to be taken to the full recipe and you can always pin the recipe on pinterest so you can make it later.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bagel Thins and Sandwich Thins and Pocket Thins... Oh My!

I'm blogging today with a review of Thomas Bagel Thins.  Please note all thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are my own, but the coupons for free product, information, and gift card have been provided by Sandwich Thins®, Pocket Thins® and Bagel Thins ®. 
Ott, E is the breakfast maker in this house and he makes a great tasting egg sandwich so he put the Thomas Bagel Thins to the test with his recipe.  These Bagel Thins are 110 calories, cholesterol free, low in fat and contain zero grams of Trans Fat.  While shopping for these I noticed they came in 3 flavors: Plain, 100% Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin and Everything.  I selected the 100% Whole Wheat to try with our egg sandwich.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Crock Pot Apple Butter BBQ Spareribs

Remember last fall when I made Apple Butter in the crock pot?!?!  Well I found a new use for it with this recipe for ribs.  I made the apple butter in the crock pot and now I'm making the ribs in the crock pot with a recipe I found in Gooseberry Patch's new 101 Super Easy Slow Cooker Recipes.    Apple Butter BBQ Spareribs has a sweet and savory flavor that makes these ribs finger licking good.  And with only a couple of ingredients and 8 hours in the crock pot you will have a meal that you just want to sink your teeth into.

If you aren't a fan of onions, like me, then you can use 1 T. of dried onion flakes in stead of an actual onion. This will give you the slightest bit of flavor without using the actual onion.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Winter BBQ Chicken in the Crock Pot

Another day without an oven here at the Ott house and another crock pot recipe to share.  This recipe is for Winter Barbecued Chicken.  And for those cold snowy nights when you are stuck inside and yet dream of warmer days and backyard grill outs... then this recipe is for you!!!  The BBQ flavors of this dish will simmer in your crock pot all day and you'll think this chicken came straight off the grill.  Enjoy this dish with some cornbread and vegetables and I think you'll find it chases the winter blues away.    

And I'm happy to share that this is yet another recipe out of Gooseberry Patch's 101 Super Easy Slow Cooker Recipes, which you will be able to win a copy of this cookbook next week, right here on the blog.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hawaiian Ham Sammies

I was introduced to Hammie Sammies a couple of years ago and they are great sandwich for those times you are in a hurry.  But I have to admit, when I saw this recipe in Gooseberry Patch's new 101 Super-Easy Slow-Cooker Recipes cookbook for Hawaiian Ham Sammies... I think I might have said so long to the old way of making them.  It doesn't get much easier than using your crock pot to make them and I have to admit the addition of a BBQ flavor topped with pineapple had everyone in the family going back for seconds.

The Gooseberry Patch recipe called to serve these on Kaiser rolls, however I used Hawaiian Bread and loved the flavors!!!  I also used 1 T. onion flakes instead of chopped onion, but that's because we aren't big onion eaters.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Dijon-Ginger Carrots

I use my oven just about everyday.... but I never realized just how much that was until it broke down.  You see, I was baking in my oven and noticed that it was taking longer than usual to preheat.  Then, when I put my things in the oven it was taking them longer to bake.  About twice as long, so I finally came to the conclusion that my oven was.... broken.  I called a repairman who came to the house the next day and told me our oven was to old to find a replacement part for soooooo.... off to the appliance store we went to pick out a new oven and while we are waiting for it to be delivered and installed I have been using the crock pot for all our meals.  While we wait for our new oven to arrive, I've got a lot of crock pot recipes to share with you over the next couple of days.  

And as luck would have it, Gooseberry Patch sent me their new recipe book to review 101 Super-Easy Slow Cooker Recipes.  (Ironic... I know.)  But, it has been a lifesaver these past couple of days so to start off I'm sharing their recipe for Dijon-Ginger Carrots, which made for a great side dish to prepare and quite tasty carrots.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kale Pesto Pasta

I found a way to eat Kale and enjoy it.... Pesto!!!!  Who knew Kale could taste so good when puree'd and placed on top of pasta?!?!  Now, I have to give credit to where this recipe originally came from as it's from a fellow Indiana blogger; Off the Cuff and INDYpendent, shared it with me a few years back and although its taken me this long to get around to making it, it is now one that I'm sure we'll make again and again because of how healthy it is and yet still great tasting.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Majestical Jewelry Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Sometimes you just need something sparkly to brighten your day... and when I got this necklace and earrings in the mail from Majestical.com  it definitely did just that.  Majestic asked me to review some of their jewelry and after looking over their website I found some lovely pieces and a lot of variety.  They have earrings, necklaces and bracelets in pearls, silver and gemstones.  
This lovely gold necklace that I am wearing above has round orange beads and matching earrings has a lobster claw clasp and a 3 inch extender.  Each bead has a cut to it that really picks up the light and is set within the gold casing.  I really like that most of Majestic's necklaces came with matching earrings which make coordinating really easy.   I found both the necklace and earrings to be sturdy pieces, and Majestic's prices are very reasonable.  The pieces came in a little jewelry bag and then inside a gift box so they shipped well, and can now be stored with the rest of my jewelry easily.   

Monday, February 24, 2014

King Ranch Casserole

Well, it's official.... this has been the snowiest winter in central Indiana's recorded weather history, topping out at over 51 inches of snow.  And although the record has been broken, they say more snow is on the way.  And cold snowy nights, make me want to stay in and eat a warm & hearty casserole.  So I keep making my way through the Casserole Queens Cookbook and found this recipe for King Ranch Casserole. It's a fun way to use tortillas in your dish and gives your ordinary chicken casserole a Mexican food flair.  So while I go shovel the driveway again, you sit back with your latte' and check out this recipe.   

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